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The PEACE initiative will have on-going visual art exhibitions every month at its 'Arts for PEACE gallery' in its office building premises located at the International Student Center on the upper west side in Manhattan.

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April-June 2006

April-June 2006
September-October 2005

Sept-Oct 2006
June-July 2005
Nature &
Our Environment
-July 2005
March-April 2005
Women in
Our Community
March-April 2005


Submitting art work to exhibit at the
Arts for PEACE Gallery:

We encourage artists to visit the Arts for PEACE Gallery and explore possibilities of exhibiting your art work related to peace and justice. If you are interested to submit your visual art work to be exhibited in the Arts for PEACE Gallery, Please send us an email describing your art work and why you think it is useful to exhibit at the Arts for Peace Gallery. Also indicate a time when you can meet with us to share your art work with us.

We are particularly keen that artists and aspiring artists, especially students, use the Arts for PEACE Gallery as an educational forum to inspire individuals to think about peace and justice, hopefully propelling us to also take action in nurturing peace and justice in our communities through nonviolence. It is important for us to take a visible stand for peace and hope!


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